Ceramic Brakes vs Metallic Brakes

by Joe Hanna on May 27, 2013

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One of the things a driver can experience through the course of vehicle ownership is brake squeal. Yes, that annoying noise when one applies their brakes. It can be quite embarrassing, as the noise can draw stares from other drivers around you. There are a number of reasons why your brakes are squealing, such as worn out pads, glazed pads and/or rotors, broken anti-rattle clips, or improper rotor resurfacing.

Ever notice how dirty your wheels get? This is due to brake dust. As you apply your brakes during vehicle stoppage, the pads and rotors cause friction to slow your vehicle down. The result from braking is brake dust, and these particles end up catching on and adhering to your wheels. Brake dust is predominant from metallic pads.

Low-metallic pads tend to be noisy, and cause brake dust. Semi metallic pads are even noisier, and produces even more brake dust. Because of the amount of metallic content being used, they are more durable and transfers heat well.

An alternative to metallic pads are ceramic pads. With ceramic brakes, there is very little to no brake dust, they last longer, and it causes no brake squeal. Ceramic brake pads are readily available for just about every make and model out in the market. While they do carry a slightly higher cost in comparison to metallic brake pads, the trade-off in longevity, along with not having to scrub your wheels down may be worth it.

Ceramic Brake PadsWhen you bring your vehicle in for service, we check your brakes to ensure you have sufficient brake pads, and inform you of their condition. If it’s time to replace your brakes, we’ll go over your options to ensure you are making the right decision before installing a new set of brake pads. Make an appointment with us today!

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